Dundry Nurseries and Garden Centre

Tel. 01452 713124

Established 1947
Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm

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Your local family run Garden Centre

Dundry Nurseries has come a long way since the first seed was sown by my Grandfather, Robert Palmer, in 1947.

I'm now the third generation of the family to run our traditional nursery and garden centre, and along with our friendly, experienced staff, we pride ourselves on our gardening knowledge. We are always happy to give a helping hand or answer your questions. At our site, between Cheltenham and Gloucester, we produce a varied range of home grown bedding and vegetable plants, and alongside this we offer all the essential ingredients for successful gardening.

We are also famous for our seed potato selection, which is second to none, and for our Annual Seed Potato Festival, where over 100 varieties are sold loose. We look forward to welcoming you soon to Dundry Nurseries.
Chris Evans

Jobs this month

  • Fertilise beds and borders with Pelleted Chicken Manure
  • Prune and feed roses
  • Dig in over wintered green manure
  • Fuchsia Whips are available now for creating standards
  • Continue to dead head pansies and violas, it will encourage more flowers as the weather warms up
  • Plant onion sets, shallots and seed potatoes at the end of the month if mild
  • Dead head daffodils, removing the seed pod, this will put enrgy into the bulb
  • Feed blueberry plants with ericaceous feed
  • Use fleece to protect fruit tree blossom from frost
  • Cut lawns on dry days with blades set high
  • Top up raised beds with soil improver and topsoil
  • Plant garlic for summer harvest
  • Sow broad beans and peas

Dundry garden centre and nurseries
Garden Centre

Our shop is at the heart of our site. Here you will find friendly, knowledgeable staff and products to make your garden grow.

seed potatoes at Dundry garden centre and nurseries
Seed Potatoes

We boast a huge selection of Seed Potatoes each spring, amongst the biggest in the country, and all varieties are available in any quantity you require.

Dove's Cafe

The cafe, (which operates in a very restricted space, will remain closed until further notice.

Dundry Nurseries and Garden Centre. We offer all of the essential ingredients for successful gardening, and boast a good range of home grown plants. The nursery produces a comprehensive range of seasonal bedding plants and throughout the year raises a terrific selection of vegetable plants. And over 100 varieties of seed potato sold loose, Taterbase