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seed Potato event

Potato Event

We are renowned across the country for our Seed Potato selection and start selling them from January each year, with all the varieties available in time for our annual Potato Weekend.
Also we offer a comprehensive and complimentary range of potato growing pots and tubs, fertilisers and storage sacks.
Our Potato Weekend is always the third weekend in January and across the weekend we celebrate all things potato! If you are looking for advice, information or to pick up a couple of unusual varieties then Dundry Nurseries is the place to be.

Potato Event


The Tale of Tatty Ed and Boggy McGrew

A short story written by Chris Evans about farmer Boggy McGrew and, of course, potatoes. On sale at the nursery.

The Tatty Ed worksheets.

The tale of Tatty Ed and Boggy McGrew

Potato Pete

During the Second World War, when self-sufficiency and recycling were the keys to a better quality of life, the War Department and the Ministry of Food applied great imagination to supporting and encouraging efforts on the 'home front'.
The foundation stone of this effort was the famous 'Dig for Victory' campaign, promoting home production of fruit and vegetables. Guidance leaflets and books were issued covering the growing and cooking of every imaginable thing.
The standard bearers for the campaign were a pair of cartoon characters - Potato Pete and Dr Carrot - and the jewel in the crown was Potato Pete's Recipe Book. The booklet highlights the humble spud and offers an amazing range of recipes to satisfy the needs of the day. For years the book was lost in the mists of time, side-lined by an audience greedy for colourful cooking.
We thought that the time was right to bring it back, reprinted in its original format and colours, and available to purchase from us for £1.50.

Potato Pete

Listen to the Potato Pete song
Potato Pete
Dundry Nurseries and Garden Centre. We offer all of the essential ingredients for successful gardening, and boast a good range of home grown plants. The nursery produces a comprehensive range of seasonal bedding plants and throughout the year raises a terrific selection of vegetable plants. And over 100 varieties of seed potato sold loose, Taterbase