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This directory is offered as an aid to those researching Potato varieties.
Each year we strive to explore new varieties and whilst not all varieties listed in the directory are available from us,
we feel that the information is worth retaining.

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AbbottAn extra early variety, ready in late May or early June if planted in early March, producing high yields. Abbott is very tasty with firm waxy flesh. Perfect boiled to eat hot or cold and makes excellent fries. If left in the ground Abbott makes brilliant summer bakers.AccentA firm, waxy smooth skinned variety that scrapes easily. It has a good, mild flavoured flesh. Early maturing and high yielding with good slug resistance. AccordThis is the sister variety to, and replacing, Accent. A high-yielding early variety, producing a good crop of attractive, uniformly-shaped, oval tubers, with bright creamy-white skins and tasty creamy-white flesh. Good resistance to common and powdery scab. Many uses including boiling, steaming, chips and saute.AcousticThis new variety is great for salads when harvested in the summer and can be left in the ground to harvest as a main. Enjoy it's waxy flesh early or, when left, it turns slightly floury later making it great baking, mashing, and roasting. Heigh yields of round potatoes. Excellent disease resistance.AdoraGood yields of mild flavoured, oval waxy tubers.very similar to Accent. Good natural disease resistance and drought tolerance. 30% less calories than Russett Burbank. Needs no butter or milk to make lovely creamy mash. Noted for excellent table quality, maintains color after cookingAlouetteAlouette shows great promise as a new blight resistant variety. Bred by Agrico to match up to the Sarpo family of blight resistant potatoes. It has quick growing foliage, firm fleshed tubers and is good for all round cooking. AltesseThis French variety is extremely high yielding and is similar to the ever favourite Charlotte. The long, yellow waxy fleshed potatoes that are produced are ideal for salad use. It is one of the earliest maturing second earlies and is also known as ‘Early Nicola’, nick named after its parent variety Nicola. Alverstone RussetThis Russet variety has a brownish coloured skin and pure white flesh. High yields have great storing qualities and all round use. Good flavour with a firm flesh. Ama RosaWith its red skin and flesh, Ama Rosa is not to be confused with the white fleshed Amorosa. It is very different indeed. It has a sweet flavoured creamy red flesh that, when sliced, has the appearance of peperoni. Ama Rosa holds on to its bright colour when it’s cooked and is good for all round use but makes the most amazing looking and tasting chips. It is a very popular ‘Farmers Market’ potato in America.AmandineFrench firm salad potato, from 1994. This variety can mature within 55 days in ideal growing conditions but usually matures after 90 days. Produces high yields of tubers of even long oval shape with pale yellow skin and yellow flesh. The flesh is wonderfully creamy. A lovely salad variety bred from Charlotte. Amandine is a very popular potato variety in Switzerland.AmboFairly high yielding large attractive red eyed tubers. Firm mild flavoured flesh make this a good general purpose potato. Good disease resistance and some slug resistance.AmbraThis new Dutch variety has early maturing harvests that produce large uniform sized and shaped tubers. They retain their bright skin when stored. Ambra is suitable for all round use, a bonus in an early variety.AmincaAnother firm waxy variety with very long oval tubers. The potatoes will grow large if left in the ground, so the variety is good for early domestic harvesting AmorosaA high yielding red with smooth skins and shallow eyes.The good flavoured waxy tubers if harvested early can be used as salad. Leave to mature for multi-purpose use. Amour NVSHigh yields of medium to large oval tubers. The smooth white skins and shallow pink eyes give this variety exhibition quality. Mild flavoured waxy flesh and good disease resistance. Andean SunsideAndean Sunside is a Peruvian variety in the same vein as the Mayan family of potatoes. It has an orange-yellow flesh that expresses its unusual colour more on cooking. The small oval tubers are irregular in shape and can be very floury. It produces good yields when grown on good quality soil but doesn’t store too well. A potato that has many culinary uses and is a bit different from the usual spuds.AnnabelleHigh yields of firm yellow fleshed tubers with smooth pale yellow skins. Good flavour. Another good choice for an early salad potato. Holds shape very well when cooked.Anoe (Claire) This variety was formerly known as Claire and is bred from the popular potato Mons Lisa. It makes a wonderful New Potato as it produces high yields of firm fleshed, tasty, long oval potatoes that are delicious hot or cold. AntoinetHigh yields of medium to large sized tubers with smooth skins & eyes of a medium depth. The flesh is firm and waxy and has a great flavour. Good all round kitchen use with no after cooking discolouration.AnyaGood yields of slightly knobbly finger shaped tubers with waxy flesh and a pleasant nutty flavour. Delicious hot or cold for salad use. Moderate slug resistance has also been noted.ApacheThis second early variety has a very eye catching appearance-red skins with cream coloured patches. The yellow flesh is slightly waxy. If Apache is blanched before roasting it retains its colourful skin and has an excellent buttery, chestnutty flavour. Excellent variety for steaming or roasting.AphroditeA medium sized high yielding first early bred from Jaerla. It has a lovely skin and firm flesh that doesn't lose colour when boiled. Stores well. Suitable for steaming and boiling.ArgosHeavy cropping, smooth skinned waxy tubers with a mealy cooked texture. Good disease resistance and high drought tolerance.Arran ComradeThis variety is a round, smooth skinned, white potato dating from 1918. It is an excellent show qualities, as well good growing performance and taste.Arran PilotTrials have found good resistance to common scab. This variety has low resistance to dry rot, late blight on foliage, late blight on tubers and potato virus Yo. Good yields of firm waxy tubers. An early scraper with a pleasing flavour. Still one of the most popular garden varietiesArran VictoryThe oldest Arran variety still available, first introduced around 1918. Moderate yields of bluish/purple tubers with brilliant white flesh. Very tasty but also very floury. They need to be simmered very gently and NOT boiled vigorously. They have a fine texture which makes for the most wonderful white mash which will crisp beautifully if used as a shepherd pie or roast. They make particularly good roast potatoes, and they will also fry, bake, steam and microwave. ArrowThis variety produces large oval tubers. They have a lovely earthy taste. Arrow grows well on most soil types. It has the benefit of being ready in just 13 weeks.ArsenalRound oval tubers, medium sized and have moderate eyes, producing a good number of tubers of uniform size. The dry matter content is relatively high and crisp quality is good. It has good cooking and frying qualities. Arsenal is suitable for cultivation on most soil types.AsterixGood yields of lovely flavoured, large red tubers that have a floury mealy texture. Very good disease resistance.AthleteIntroduced in to 2012 to coincide with the Olympic games, it is now available to home gardeners. Athlete produces high yields of delicious waxy tubers, perfect for salads.AuraAura was first introduced in the early 1950's in France. They are a pretty variety with pale yellow skin and flesh, with potatoes being long and moon shaped. They have a wonderful flavour and firm flesh - great for salad use. If you loved Linzer Delikatesse then this could be the perfect replacement.AurumAurum is a new variety with bright skin. Good cooking qualities, great for chips and wedges. Very good disease resistance, particularly blight and scab.BalmoralHigh yields of firm golden yellow fleshed tubers with a pleasing flavour. The lovely red eyes on this variety make it an excellent choice for the showbench. It also has good drought tolerance.BambinoA terrific late salad variety (although fine for general cooking) that produces small to medium sized tubers in profusion. Good full flavourBaraka A great potato for chips and roasting with a tendency to be slightly floury Tubers tend to be large.Beauty Of ButeBred in the hardy area of Bute this heritage variety is a large yielding second early. A round creamy fleshed potato with beautiful pink eyes and light yellow skin. Resistance to blight is above average and shows good resistance to common scab.Belle De FontenayAn excellent French salad variety. The slightley curved, waxy tubers have a natural buttery flavour, which improves with maturity and again further with storage. Lovely when eaten hot or cold. A variety whose low productivity and susceptibility to certain diseases are largely compensated by an extreme earliness and a very good culinary quality. BelmondaHigh yields and attractive skin make the uniform shaped tubers of Belmonda a good choice if you are looking to try something new. It has a good flavour and stores well. The added bonus of tolerating dry conditions makes this a variety for the future.BerberA high yielding variety of long oval, fairly firm textured tubers. Good general cooking qualities with no after cooking discolouration. Good all round disease resistance.BF15This variety is bred from Belle De Fontenay and keeps it's trial label number as it's name. Produces good yields but of smaller size than it's parent. One of the best boiling or salad potatoes available as a second early.BikiniNew introduction for 2015 comes from Ireland originally. Bikini has distinctive pink skin splashed skin with cream coloured eyes. It has yellow slightly floury flesh making it ideal for roasting, chipping and mashing. Tubers have a long dormancy, giving them an excellent storage time.BildstarProduces medium to large sized potatoes with an all round cooking quality. The flesh is waxy and has a good flavour. Will harvest early if required. Very popular in EuropeBintjeGood yields of oval and often long tubers. The yellow flesh is quite starchy with an interesting, distinctive flavour. Productive variety, with very good flexibility of adaptation, being well suited for various culinary preparations (boiled potatoes, crisps, French fries, mashed potatoes, etc.). Moderately slug resistant.Blue AnneliseThis new German variety will add a splash of colour to the dinner plate. It's blue skin and flesh are very striking. It has a delicate sweet nutty taste and fluffy flesh. It's great boiled and, if the skin is kept on, will maintain its coloured flesh when cooked.Blue BelleSimilar colourings to Kestrel and Osprey, with blue/purple coloured eyes. An excellent all round variety, that is fast and fairly prolific. Will do well in containers.Blue CongoBlue Congo is an unusual American variety with blue skin and flesh. Good flavoured potatoes that are great for coloured chips and roasties.Blue DanubeThe latest introduction from the Sarpo breed. A stunning blue/purple skinned oval shaped variety with bright white flesh. Produces large tubers that bake well. This is a stunning plant when flowering too.Blue KestrelBreed from Kestrel this variety has good all round cooking qualities, like it's parent, but is slightly more floury.Blue KestrelBred from kestrel and very similar to it's parent, although slightly flourier. They are good for mashing, roasting and baking. It makes a very nice show potato, being a little bit different. High resistance to blackleg.Blue StarTHIS NEW VARIETY PRODUCES HIGH YIELDS OF MEDIUM SIZED TUBERS. BLUE STAR IS ONE OF ONLY A FEW COLOURED VARIETIES THAT RETAINS IN COLOURED FLESH AFTER COOKING, MAKING IT AN INTERESTING ADDITION TO THE DINNER PLATE. MEALY TEXTURE MAKES IT SUITABLE FOR BOILING AND MASHING.BonnieA good looking, high yielding potato. The bright shiny yellow skin has pink splashes on the eyes. Its flesh is firm and very tasty with all good all round cooking qualities. One for the show bench!Bonnie DundeeBonnie Dundee are a famous old Scottish variety that with the advanced technology of mini-tubers we have been able to restore to the market place for people to enjoy again. A deep red skinned round potato with creamy flesh make this potato ideal for boiling and salads. Bonnie Dundee shows good blight resistance for a first early and also has excellent common scab resistance.British QueenOver 100 years old & highly prized for its good yields of medium sized tubers. The tubers are dry, floury and very tasty. This potato is at its best when fried, baked or steamed. The high starch levels mean that the flesh tends to break up if boiled in the ordinary way however, if simmered gently then it produces the most wonderful fluffy mashed potato. CabaretAn new variety similar to Maris Piper. Tubers have a very bright, attractive skin and are more uniformly sized than Maris Piper. High yielding with a floury texture and excellent flavour. Cabaret fries extremely well and boils moderately well. Good natural disease resistance.CaesarHigh yields of large, long oval, white skinned tubers. The flesh has a floury texture and a mild flavour. The skin is light yellow with shallow eyes making it easy to peel. It has good all ound cooking qualities. Good disease resistance and stores very well.CamelotA Picasso x Malin variety with shallow eyes and smooth skin with lovely pink colouring around the eyes. Good blight resistance and excellent common scab resistance. An early maincrop variety. Floury variety makes for a good boiling, baking, roasting and chipping potato.CanberraMedium to large tubers with a shallow eye. This variety has an medium early maturity but can be left in the ground to develop into larger potatoes. All round use with no discolouration after cooking.CaraHigh yields of large red eyed tubers, with moist, waxy flesh and mild flavour. Good disease resistance makes this an allotment favourite. Cara is also a versatile potato suitable for a wide range of culinary uses including chipping. Particularly good baker.CardinalCardinal potatoes are one of the better allround usage potatoes in the kitchen. A long oval shaped tuber with red skin and creamy flesh and shallow eyes. Cardinal shows good resistance to blight and common scab.CarlingfordIDEAL FOR CHRISTMAS HARVESTING. Similar to Maris Peer. Good yields of white, waxy fleshed tubers, that have a distinct flavour. Great for growing in exhibitor bags and potato tubs. Ideal for boiling. Use early as salad or leave in ground to mature for bakers. Moderate slug resistance.CarlitaA firm textured, modern mariety. Mild flavour, good yields can be expected even in dry seasons, as good drought tolerance has been noted. Very similar to Arran Pilot. CarminelleThe attractive skin of this firm, waxy fleshed new introduction are very similar to it's parent variety Cecile. It has a very high yield and stores well. A really good salad variety.CarolusSmooth-skinned pale yellow tubers with attractive shallow red eyes and pale yellow flesh. Carolus combines a slightly floury texture with excellent flavour. Voted No.1 as both a baker and chipper in taste tests at Thompson & Morgan, but roasted, boiled and mashed it is just as good. The growing test produced a bumper crop of uniformly sized oval tubers with no signs of blight or rotting from a late September harvest. Does very well on heavy soil. New to the amateur market and it looks to have a promising future. CarreraGood yields of rather big tubers , with smooth skins & shallow eyes. The flesh is firm with a mild flavour. General purpose table potato and holds its shape fairly well when cooked.CasablancaCasablanca are a new white skinned first early with the potential to beat Winston on the showbench. A clean smooth white with shallow eyes will make it an exhibitors delight and its cooking ability will make it a chefs dream with its ability to chip, bake or boil. Edible size crops can be achieved in 62 days from planting. Floury taste.CatrionaModerate yields of large oval tubers with pretty blue eyes on the white skin that give this variety a showbench quality. It has good all round kitchen uses and has an excellent flavour. CecileHigh yields of fine, long waxy pink tubers that are full of flavour. Shallow eyes. High number of tubers per plant. Cecile will quickly develop a high, good ground covering foliage with erect, tall stems. Cecile is an excellent salad potato with a fine gourmet quality taste, developed for the haute cuisine restaurant trade in Europe. Perfect for salads as well as boiled or steamed. Waxy type tubers with fiirm texture. Excellent quality.Cecile is ideally suited for meals requiring that special touch as flavor and plate presentation are unsurpassed. Very good all round disease resistance. Good drought resistance, easy to grow and has a low nitrogen requirement. CelandineCelandine is bred from the French variety Franceline and, like it's parent, has a very good flavour. It's yield is very high and produces small evenly shaped tubers. The bright skin remains after storing. It has a firm cooking quality that makes a perfect salad potato. Resistant to spraing.CelebrationThis colourful variety, with it's yellow and red skin, has an excellent taste and stores well. It is bred from the ever popular Cecile and has all the qualities of it's parent, including it's use as a lovely salad potato.CelineCeline is an early variety giving high numbers of smooth red skinned tubers with light yellow flesh and good cooking quality. It has good resistance to common scab and powdery scab. High yields can be expected. Also has noted slug resistance. A good looking new red with tasty pale yellow, waxy flesh. Good for boiling, roasting & baking.CerisaCerisa is a salad variety bred from French varieties Laura and Francine. It has a deep red skin and a beautiful creamy flesh. It remains firm on cooking, making it the perfect potato for eating hot or cold.ChallengerA medium-late main crop with good all round kitchen use, particularly chipping.CharlotteOne of the most popular salad varieties available. High yields of waxy tubers with a lovely unique mild chestnut flavour. Delicious hot or cold.CherieA pretty salad variety from France, producing large crops of oval potatoes with a wonderful flavour. Ideal for boiling and steaming.CheyenneNew variety, bred in France in 2011. Cheyenne has a very bright red skin and lovely fine flavoured flesh. Harvest early for salad use or leave to mature for larger tubers.ChicagoChicago is a general purpose potato for roasting, chipping, mashing and fluffy baked potatoes. Tubers also have good storage potential due to their long-term sugar stability. This british bred early maincrop has performed well in trials, showing golden eelworm resistance and, as well as heat and drought tolerance.ChopinA potato with medium to large tubers with shallow eyes. The flesh is firm and waxy with a lovely flavour. Deliciously creamy potatoes, they are fantastic for any use, and no need to add butter!CiceroGood yields of large tubers that have a mealy/floury texture which stays firm on cooking. Another recent variety with good disease resistance and high yields. Stores well.CleopatraAttractive long oval red tubers with contrasting pale yellow flesh which is fairly firm & dense. A great one for chips! The earliest red.ColleenEarly variety with good overall resistance to disease.A good multipurpose potato. Good yields of waxy,yet mealy fleshed tubers. Also has added drought tolerance. Good boiled, also fries well.ColombaThis high yielding Dutch variety is a fantastic all purose early with a lower calorie count than most potatoes. The large round tubers have bright skin and good flavour. The variety stores well. Colomba is resistant to scab.CompassThis late second early is bred from Voyager and therefore produces large sized tubers that store well. Compass has all round cooking qualities.ConstanceConstance is an all-purpose main crop that matures early and produces good sized tubers, resistant to cracking. It has a buttery taste, smooth texture and mashes perfectly. It is also good for boiling and baking.CoquineNew variety, bred in France in 2008. It looks to be an up and coming salad variety that bulks early and stores well. It has firm tasty yellow flesh that makes this variety ideal for boiling. Good blight resistance.CorollePotato Corolle produces high yields of slightly pear shaped tubers with smooth, firm pale yellow flesh. This delicious second early potato shows good resistance to Golden Eelworm and Scab. Enjoy smaller tubers as boiled salad potatoes that can be eaten hot or cold, but save the larger ones for summer baking potatoes with a fabulous flavour.CosmosHigh yields of large Estima type tubers, with firm pale yellow flesh. Its natural high blight resistance makes it a good organic variety. It also has moderate drought tolerance. Good for boiling, baking, roasting and mashing.CourageVery uniform in size and heavy cropping. Somewhat susceptible to late blight, regular preventive treatments are necessary. Good resistance to virus diseases. A flavoursome variety terrific for frying and roasting Tends to be quite floury,with a good taste. Courage is excellent for making chips.CultraVery high yielding with white skins and bright red eyes. Good all round disease resistance and moderate slug resistance. The flesh is mealy with a pleasant mild flavour.CyranoGood Yields Of Large Shallow Eyed Tubers, With Firm Mild Flavoured Flesh. good All Round Uses And No After Cooking Discolouration.DaiflaFrench bred in 2004, this relatively new variety has white skin and yellow flesh. It has good yields of large tubers, making it ideal for baking. Also suitable for chipping and mashing.DaliGood yields of lovely yellow smooth skinned tubers. Harvest early for great salad potatoes.Leave in ground to mature into large general purpose Bakers. Firm Flesh And Lovely Flavour.DamaskExclusive variety for 2019. Just released after being bred in Northern Ireland from varieties Sunset and Laura. This promising new early has good all round cooking qualities and fries very well, ideal for chipping and roasting. Developed for the Mediterranean and North African growers market as it has exceptional heat tolerance - something that could be a benefit after our recent hot summersDark Red NorlandAn early maincrop variety brought over from America. Tubers are oval in shape with pure white flesh inside. When first harvested the skins are a beautiful shade of red. This is a high yielding variety with good all-round disease resistance.DerbyHigh yields of large tubers with slightly floury, mild flavoured flesh. A general purpose table potato which has no after cooking discolouration.DesireeWithout a doubt the most popular red available. Its got it all, high yields of waxy fleshed tubers with an excellent flavour, high drought tolerance and moderate slug resistance. All this makes it the No1 choice for allotment growers. DidoDido grows well in warmer climates and produces large sized tubers. The high yields store well. It has good all round use but is a fantastic roaster.DivaaDivaa is a very versatile second early variety giving good yields of very bright tubers with very white skin and flesh. It is bred from Innovator and is very similar in performance except for its amazing skin brightness. Bred form Pentland Javelin and Innovator. Excellent for chips and roasting. Dobbies AssetCreamy fleshed potato that are oval in shape which are believed to date from around 1930. They are an ideal potato for general kitchen use and have decent disease resistance and good common scab resistance.Doon PearlFirst listed in 1931 Doon Pearl are a creamy fleshed oval potato with cream skin & great for salad use. Doon Pearl is one of the parents of the ever popular variety Home Guard which was the bench mark potato during the second world war. This variety is meant to be bres by John Watson who also bred Gladstone.Double FunA new purple skinned Dutch variety that has yellow flesh. Double Fun has waxy qualities making it an interesting addition to the dinner plate.DruidVery similar to Red Cara, but slightly later maturity. Short oval, pink/red skinnedshallow eyed tubers. Has good all round resistance to blight, scab and eelworm. The firm flesh does not disintergrate on cooking. Produces huge yields of general purpose potatoes.Duke Of YorkA good old fashioned favourite with legendary flavour. Lift early for waxy fleshed tubers, or leave to mature late for general purpose. Slightly floury tubers.Dunbar RoverAn old variety that looks rough and tastes wonderful. bred in 1936 by Charles T Spence of Tynefield Farm, Dunbar and it is rare. Rover's are oval shape with white skin, snowy white flesh and medium deep eyes. The cooking and taste qualities are excellent. The flesh is floury, and they have a pleasant sweet flavour. They make great roasting, baking and mash potato dishes. It has good all round cooking qualities, definitley one for the connoisserDunbar StandardLoves heavy soils. Reasonable yields of firm fleshed tubers that have a nice strong full flavoured taste. Good general cooking qualities. Tubers have a lovely earthy flavour, particularly good baker. DunluceMatures very early so well suited for container growing. High yielding, good looking tubers, slightly floury flesh. A good fresh tasting early boiler. Uses - new, boil, steam, mash, saute and baked. Edgeworth PurpleFirst listed in 1916 Edgecote Purple are a long oval yellow fleshed variety that is a good all rounder with a firm waxy texture. Very popular in high-class restaurants. Edgecote Purple show high blight resistance when tested under organic conditions.Edzell BlueBeautiful small round blue/purple skinned tubers with contrasting white flesh. Very tasty but also very floury. Can be steamed, fried, baked, or used as great tasting mash. The skin colour turns to a creamy colour when cooked, and it is best cooked with skin on and boiled or steamed. ElfeThe Golden Variety. This award winning variety, produced by the ever popular Albert Bartlett, has a smooth oval shape, creamy skin and bright yellow flesh. Elfe has a creamy texture and is deliciously sweet and buttery tasting. Ideal for boiling, baking and mashing - a versatile second early.ElisabethProduces high yields of yellow skinned, yellow fleshed tubers. Can be harvested early or left to bulk up as a second early. Delicious flavoured salad variety when eaten hot or cold. Has good Golden eelworm resistance.EpicureHigh yields of deep eyed tubers with firm, floury textured flesh. Its distinctive flavour make this an old favourite. Best boiled or steamed.ErnaErna is a German salad variety with yellow skin and flesh that tastes lovely. A very nice late salad variety best eaten as harvested.EssenzaA new variety straight from Nothern Ireland. Essenza produces high yields of large potatoes, a high percentage suitable for baking. It is also great for boiling, steaming and roasting. The uniform sized tubers store very well.EstimaAn early maturing baker with firm, moist, pale yellow flesh. Good drought resistance also noted. Produces high yields of tubers for both early and later lifting. A mild flavour and excellent cooking qualities. It is regarded as being versatile and is especially suited for dishes where a firm cooked potato texture is required, as in salads or some soups. Estima is also sold as a baking potato and has a mild taste that complements other flavours. EvoraEvora produces large tubers from high yields. Being bred from Valor it has all round culinary use and boils very well.FabulaAnother high yielding modern variety. Tubers are large with firm, tasty flesh. Good all round disease resistance. Excellent storage qualities. Still crops well even in poor growing conditions - soil or weather. Fabula is an excellent potato for boiling, no after cooking darkening or hollow heart has been noted.FaridaIf you want a large potato then this is the one for you! Farida produces high yields of large, all purpose potatoes that have a nice flavour. A good baker.FlamencoThis new variety from Holland produces a moderate yield of large sized potatoes. The tubers are slightly mealy and good for all round kitchen use. Flamenco has a good all round disease resistance.FlourballFirst listed in 1895 this variety was a popular potato due to its floury texture. As the name suggests Flourball was a popular Irish variety and has a great flavour. Disease wise this variety shows good scab resistance and is best eaten with the skin on.FontaneA new variety from Agrico that has a very high yield of large sized tubers. It can be very floury, especially in a wet growing season but makes great chips.ForemostA tried and tested, good flavoured, early scraper. It has firm flesh with little discolouration when cooked. A true gardeners favourite that does not disintegrate on cooking. Also has moderate drought tolerance.FortusFortus is a Dutch variety, selected for it's strong growth. It produces a good yield of large tubers. It stores well and is good for chipping as well as general use.ForzaForza is an exciting new early variety that shows great promise. It produces large tubers and has a high yield. The floury flavour makes this variety great for chips and early roasties.FoxtonBreed from Dutch red variety Irene and the nations favourite Maris Piper. Foxton is floury, oval red skin variety that has all round culinary uses. High resistance to dry rot and tuber blight.FreyaFreya is a relatively new variety that has excellent long term storage ability and brilliant all round disease resistance. It can be a little floury so care is sometimes needed when cooking.FrisiaGood yields of white skinned oval tubers. The flesh is firm and mild flavoured. Good all round cooking qualities. Fairly firm in cooking. GatsbyNew Scottish variety bred from Saxon and Valor. Gatsby has white skin and cream flesh. Gatsby shows good all round disease resistance. If it’s anything like its parent varieties it is set to be a very popular and versatile potato.GemsonThis recent introduction, bred from maris peer, is a lovely salad variety with exceptional flavour. It boils well making it ideal for salad use, eaten hot or cold. This potato is one to watch, as it shows great promise.GladstoneFirst listed in 1930 this variety was as popular as King Edward and probably the most popular variety in Ireland at the time. An oval creamy fleshed potato with great floury texture made this variety stand out from the rest. Disease wise Gladstone still shows good scab resistance and blight resistance even by todays standards.GloriaHigh yields of large tubers , with smooth skins & shallow eyes. The flesh is firm with a mild flavour. A general purpose table potato with no after cooking discolouration.Golden NuggetDouble the yield of regular baby new potatoes! Potato Golden Nugget produces high yields of short, yellow-skinned tubers with creamy flesh and very shallow eyes.Golden WonderTrials have found good resistance to dry rot, skin spot and common scab. Moderate yields of large long oval tubers that are very floury when cooked, but very tasty. The flavour improves further during storage. Mash, fry, microwave or roast for best results in kitchen. GourmandineThis French variety is bred from the ever popular Charlotte and Estima. Like its salad parent it is waxy and delicious boiled or steamed. It produces a good yield of uniform sized tubers and stores for up to 8 months. It is best harvested a little later than most second early varieties but it is worth the extra few weeks wait. Gourmandine won the French growers award for Best Flavour of the Year in 2009, 2012 and 2013!HarlequinCharlotte X Pink Fir Apple cross. Resulting in high yields of long finger shaped tubers with an outstanding flavour. It won the "Blind Taste Test" in 2004 held by Thompson & Morgan. Serve hot or cold.HarmonyVery high yields of large smooth skinned tubers with good slug resistance. The smooth skins & shallow eyes have given it showbench success. It has excellent storage characteristics with long natural dormancy. The flesh is waxy and has a nice flavour. Good all round cooking qualities HarryBred from Dutch varieties Mozart and Asterix, it follows its parents cooking qualities - great for mashing, baking and roasting. Great flavour.HeatherA unique purple skinned variety. Very popular among exhibition growers. High yielding, floury tasting waxy tubers, with good all round kitchen use.HeiderotHeiderot, or Heidi Red, is a German speciality variey. It has bright red skin and flesh, suitable for all round use. This variety will add colour to your plate!HerosA medium early variety that can produce good yields of large tubers. No discolouration on cooking. A good choice for baking. Good flavour.Highland Burgundy RedAn almost all red tuber is produced only leaving a narrow band of white just under the skin. The cooked flesh is flufffy in texture and has a slightly sweet taste. Makes excellent red novelty chips and mash! HomeguardAs the name suggests introduced During WWII. The fairly waxy fleshed tubers are at their best early in the season. Short dormancy. Susceptible to drought. Moderate to low yields. Susceptible to tuber blight. Good resistance to damage, powdery scab. Good flavour but they do have a tendency to discolour after cooking. HorizonTHIS NEW VARIETY IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST YIELDING AVAILABLE AND PRODUCES UNIFORMLY SHAPED TUBERS. HORIZON HAS EXCELLENT DROUGHT TOLERANCE AND IS HIGHLY RESISTANT TO POWDERY SCAB AND GOOD BLIGHT RESISTANCE. BREED FROM RUSSET BURBANK AND SANTE, IT HAS FIRM STARCHY FLESH, GOOD FOR ALL ROUND USE.HunterMedium yield, attractive appearance. Stores very well and is resistant to skinning and bruising. Excellent for boiling and baking.ImagineAn Irish breakthrough variety, crossing two hugely popular garden favourites; Cara and Orla. This unique pairing produces robust potato plants that have consistently produced an average 50% more tubers in trials than other similar varieties. The short, oval tubers have a bright and creamy skin and a waxy pale yellow flesh that holds excellent flavour whether eaten hot or cold - a fine salad potato variety that remains firm on cooking. Potato Imagine boasts great garden performance too, showing high resistance to common potato scab and black scurf. Its Potato Carla parentage has also transferred good late blight resistance.Inca BelleInca Belle is bred from Mayan Gold and has red and yellow coloured skin. It has a lovely creamy texture and a nutty flavour. It is best roasted or baked as a maincrop or harvested earlier for salad use. Inca Belle cooks on average 30% quicker than other potatoes. It's delicious and time saving!InfinityPotato Infinity produces eyecatching crops of uniform, oval, red-skinned tubers, reminiscent of Potato Rooster which is one of its parent lines. Attractive yellow flesh with a dry texture makes this early maincrop variety a versatile potato for general use. The tubers have a long dormancy, giving them excellent storage potential.InnovatorHigh yields of large long oval tubers. Its slightly floury, tasty mild flavoured flesh makes it a good choice for roasters and chips. Good all round disease resistance.International KidneyHarvest as an early salad for small, firm, waxy tubers. Leave in the ground to mature into large slightly floury general purpose use. It has a natural buttery flavour.Isle Of JuraHeavy Yields Of Medium To Large Oval White Skinned Tubers. The Slightly Floury, Cream Flesh Is said to have a "smashing" flavour. Ivory RussetBred from innovator and very similar to its parent. Large tubers, that are good for all round use in the kitchen. If you've suffered with sprainge before then this variety is resistant. JaerlaThis variety produces high yields of large, uniform tubers with shallow eyes. It has a firm, waxy flesh that has a giood flavour. Good all round cooking qualities with no after cooking discolouration.JazzyThis new exciting variety has a character all of its own (check out Jazzy's own web page!) It has a waxy, firm skin that is perfect for boiling, steaming and roasting. It produce an abundance of small, tasty potatoes. Jazzy has come top in independent taste tests and look sets to be the next big thing in the potato world.JellyThis is a smooth skinned variety with rich yellow flesh. It has good yields of long oval tubers. Jelly makes delicious roast potatoes and is also ideal for chipping due to its high dry matter. Drought tolerant.JesterJester is a very high yielding baby potato that does well throughout the UK. It has bright white skin and flavoursome creamy flesh. It is bred from the popular salad variety Vales Emerald. Jester shows good resistance to tuber blight, powdery scab, blackleg and potato virusJolyA waxy Dutch variety that produces very large potatoes. It is high yielding and cooks well.JulietteBred from Nicola. Heavy crops of small to medium , long oval, waxy fleshed tubers, with a delicious buttery flavour. Good disease resistance & good storage abilities. Small to medium long oval tubers are produced in good numbers. KarleenaHigh yields of medium sized, round yellow skinned tubers. Good all round disease resistance. The floury, golden yellow flesh has got a warm distinctive flavour. KennebecIf you want a large potato then this is the one for you! Kennebec is one of the Top Ten potatoes grown in the USA. It grows well in harsh conditions but is prone to leaf scorch from strong sun, although this has little effect on tuber development. It produces very large tubers that are winners in largest potato competitions. The smooth skin and firm flesh make Kennebec perfect for jacket potatoes, but it does well in however it is cooked. To add to all of this this variety stores very well long term.Kerrs PinkReasonable yields of a traditional, tasty, floury potato with attractive pink skin. It produces dense weed supressing foliage. The flesh is fairly firm and very tasty with a mealy, floury cooked texture. Some care is needed when boiling.KestrelHigh yields of large, blue eyed tubers. Its firm flesh and well above average flavour makes it a good all rounder. Very high slug resistance, possibly the best.KifliBest planted early as it can be a slow starter, Potato Kifli shows the usual good Sarpo family resistance to drought and blight, as well as a high resistance to virus. This early maincrop variety produces elongated white-skinned tubers with a fabulous new potato flavour, that is best enjoyed when tubers are freshly harvested and cooked in their skins. Kifli can be harvested over a long period - the larger and more mature tubers will still have excellent flavourKing EdwardThis must be the countries most well known spud! It's high yielding, with an excellent flavour and moderately firm flesh. Good Slug Resistance. It has a wide range of uses in the kitchen, some say it is the best roaster ever!KingsmanBrand new variety for 2017 and showing great promise. Kingsman has a soft yellow skin and flesh that is creamy in texture. It has excellent disease resistance and great yields of large tubers. It is really good for roasting and frying due to its floury texture.KondorHigh yielding with a good flavour. Very resiliant in hot, dry seasons. Suitable boiling, baking or chipping. La VieThis new Dutch variety is bred from the ever popular Annabelle. It has many of the same cahracteristics of it's parent - salad use, clean bright skin and excellent flavour. It produces a high yield of oval shaped potatoes. La Vie has good disease resistance. The buttery tasting dark yellow flesh is sure to make this one of the salad varieties of the future.Lady BalfourVery high yields of pretty pink splashed oval tubers, with moist, firm creamy flesh that Is Mild Flavoured. does Well In Poor Soils And Is Good For Storing.Lady CrystlEarly, High Yielding Medium Sized Tubers.firm Flesh & A Mild Flavour. the Good Disease Resistance Turning This More Recent Variety Into A Customer Favourite.LatonaVigorous with large tubers for such an early variety. The tubers are firm and waxy. Good for boiling and baking.LeonardoLarge mealy potatoes with good all round use.LeontineA great early, bound to find a place in the market.It is a firm potato that is lovely for salads and if eyes and mouth interact you'll eat plenty.LibertieLibertie is a true white variety, bred from popular Harmony and new comer Divaa. The uniform tubers are great baked but also suitable for other uses like boiling and mashing. A good choice for the show bench.LillyLilly is a slightly floury yellow potato that has an excellent taste. It is particularly suited to roasting but is a good all round variety. It produces a high yield of disease resistant tubers.Lily RoseA Dutch variety that has a bright red skin and a flesh of similar colour. It stores well and is good for boiling, steaming and frying. A colourful addition to the dinner plate!LindaA popular German variety in the early 1970's before it's removal from production by the agricultural authorities. It has just recently returned to the market due to it's proven track record as a high yielding, disease resistant potato. Linda is a good all round kitchen variety. Linzer DelikatessSimilar to Ratte in flavour, with similar qualities, a specialist and rare variety that is great cold or for saladsLipstickLipstick is an American variety, popular as an "Heirloom variety" at farmers markets, recently introduced to the UK. The red skin and flesh make great roasties, chips or bakers.LisetaA Pale Skinned Long Oval Tuber With Waxy Flesh. has Been Described In Trade Press As A 'beautifull Potato' has Got Moderate Disease Resistance, And Reasonable Drought Tolerance.Lord RoseberryLord Rosebery has been around since 1920 and is a heritage variety we would class as a late first early and the plants show good resistance to blight under normal growing conditions. Not much is known about the past of this variety apart from that it is believed to have been grown at Dalmeny estate at Edinburgh. Tubers are round with a red skin and tasty white flesh.LuceraLucera is bred from Piccolo Star and, like its parent, is a baby salad variety. It is very waxy, very tasty and has a beautiful bright skin. It produces a very high yield, commercially it produces 1.55 million tubers a hectare! It has the added bonus of storing well. If you grow Lucera you won’t be disappointed!LuciolePotato Luciole produces good yields of long, oval tubers with very shallow eyes and bright yellow skins. The firm, waxy flesh is pale yellow in colour and won't discolour during cooking. This superb first early variety makes an excellent salad potato with a delicious flavour.Magenta LoveA new red Dutch variety that is ready to harvest earlier in the season. Magenta Love produces a moderate yield of small tubers and makes a good replacement for the much missed variety Mimi. Perfect for salads.MajesticGood yields Of Large Mild Flavoured,firm Textured Tubers. It Is Robust, And Drought Resistant. It Will Also Thrive In Any Soil. this Old Variety Used To Be The No1 Choice For Fish & Chip Shops.MalinDerived from Estima & Cara This Fairly New Arrival Is High Yeilding, Producing Long Oval, Smooth White Skinned Tubers That Are Splashed With Red. The Flesh Is Waxy And Tasty. It Also Keeps Well. a Good Variety For The Showbench.ManitouManitou is a red skinned variety with pale flesh producing large flat tubers. It has an excellent eating quality and makes lovely smooth mash. It is also good for chipping. This variety grows well in areas where other reds grow well.MarfonaHigh Yields Of Large Waxy Tubers That Have A Very Nice Flavour. Good all round cooking qualities, stores very well. The typical supermarket baker this one.MarilynA firm,modern salad variety, very reliable. Bred from the retail favourite 'Nicola' Tubers tend to be small to medium.Maris BardHigh Yielding Long Oval With Soft Yet Waxy Flesh. With A Traditional Earthy Taste.good Cooking Characteristics. fairly High Drought Tolerance.Maris PeerIDEAL FOR CHRISTMAS HARVESTING. Good yields of uniform,very firm fleshed, small to medium sized tubers, that have a very good flavour.great early for salad use. The ultimate boiling potato.Maris PiperThe best chipper around! High yielding, and a great flavour, a nice floury textured flesh So not the easiest to boil. MarkiesA good all rounder that tends to be slightly floury. The variety has a good blight resisitance and high yields can be expected. The variety already has quite a following, indeed there is even a @Markies Club'. It is very popular with the chippy too.Marys RoseA new variety bred in-house by our Scottish supplier Skea. The pinky skin and white flesh make this an attractive newcomer. Mary's Rose produces a high yield of good tasting potatoes that are great for boiling, wedges and mashing.MaxineA Good, High Yielding Attractive Red With Contrasting Creamy White Flesh Which Is Firm, Waxy, And Mild Flavoured. good All Round Disease Resistance And Top Exhibition Appearance. Moderate Slug Resistance.Mayan GoldThis variety, the first of a series has taken the potato back to its early parentage. The potato is very different. It is highy favoured by chefs, boasts a distinctive flavour and is graet roasted.Mayan QueenSister to Mayan Gold, the tubers are more rounded, with purple eyes. The variety steams well, but is inclined to shatter in boiling water. Fantastic for roasting and wedges. DeliciousMayan RoseMayan Rose is a cross between Mayan Gold and Mayan Twilight. It's the latest development in the original Peruvian potato. It has red bi-coloured skin, creamy texture and a sweet nutty flavour. Mayan Rose is delicious baked or roasted. It shows good all round disease resistance.Mayan ScapaBred from Mayan Twilight and Mayan Gold, this peruvian variety has deep yellow flesh that is full of flavour. Best eaten boiled, delicious served hot or cold. Like all Mayan varieties, it cooks in two thirds of the time as normal potatoes.Mayan TwilightThe third in the Mayan set. Very pretty, with red and yellow skin. Needs watching in water as it cooks quickly. Lovely cold or for salad use. Cook in their skinsMeeraMeera has just been brought onto the domestic market after several years as a very popular commercial variety. The good yields, excellent taste and fantastic frying qualities make this variety one to watch.MelodyMelody produces good yields of superb quality, smooth, yellow-skinned tubers with pale yellow flesh that store well. This versatile variety has a dry texture that makes it perfect as a general use potato for roasting, mashing and baking. It can also be harvested later as an early maincrop if larger tubers are required. This reliable variety has good resistance to Golden Eelworm, Common Scab, and Tuber Blight.MemphisThis new variety produces high yields of large potatoes. Ideal for all round cooking use.MerlinA modern variety with good yields of firm fleshed tubers and a mild flavour. General purpose cooking qualities. Stores well.MilvaA nice high yielding organic variety. Its flesh is tasty,firm and waxy. Very good all round disease resistance.MimiHuge Numbers Of Small Cherry To Walnut Sized Tubers. excellent Flavoured Salad Variety. ideal For Container Growing.MirandaThis delicious tasting variety has uniform shaped tubers with a bright skin. The large potatoes have a high yield. Miranda stores well for an early and it’s perfect for chips and it boils very well.Mona LisaGood Yields Of Large Yellow, Smooth Skinned, Oval Tubers That Are Very Uniform, With Its Added Shallow Eyes Giving It Top Exhibition Appearances. Good all round uses in the kitchen. Creamy (almost buttery) flesh.MondialMondial is bred from popular second early Spunta and produces large tubers, suitable for all round use. The skin is bright and clean, with pale yellow flesh. The yield is high and stores well. Mondial is regarded as the best potato in South Africa.MoreneVery high yields of large, shallow eyed tubers, with A mild flavour and slightly floury flesh making this Another good chipper. Good drought resistance.Moulin RougeA colourful (pink/purple),firm, waxy potato (retains skin colour on cooking), with an excellent flavour and texture.The tubers tend to be small and plentiful. They can be harvested as a second early.MozartGood yields of large oval shaped red skinned tubers, with a mild flavoured, firm flesh. Good all round kitchen use. Very good storage capabilities.Mulberry BeautyMulberry Beauty is bred from Dutch variety Cecile and, like it's parent has great cooking qualities and tastes fanatstic. It produces oaval sized tubers of uniform size. Mulberry Beauty has all round cooking qualities.NadineVery high yielding modern disease resistant potato, The firm, very waxy flesh has a pleasant mild flavour. Good all round cooking qualities and top exhibition appearance.NavanThis is an Irish variety, bred from Maris Piper in 1987, so is an excellent chipper and roaster. It is very popular in Ireland due to its high yields of large tubers. It has the added bonus of being heat and drought tolerant.NavigatorThis relatively new variety from Holland is a high yielding main crop that is a very good chipper due to its high dry matter.NicolaIDEAL FOR CHRISTMAS HARVESTING. High yields of oval to long oval tubers with smooth skins. The flesh is waxy with an excellent buttery flavour. Use early for salad or leave to mature for larger general purpose. NoisetteA salad variety with quite a nutty flavour. Tubers tend to be small to medium in size. Regarded by many as a gourmet variety.OperaThe variety tends to be floury, but joy of joys it shows excellent blight resitance. The flavour is good and whilst t is an all rounder, it's wonderful for roasting. Iy crops well and yields medium to large tubersOrchestraPotato Orchestra stood out from the crowd in taste tests. This variety is a versatile general purpose potato for boiling, mashing, chipping and roasting. The bold, white-skinned uniform tubers from this heavy yielder produce an attractive pale yellow flesh. In field trials Potato Orchestra has shown good resistance to golden eelworm and remained free of common potato scab and spraing.OrianaThis is a very early variety, perfect for salad use.OrlaHigh Yielding Oval With Attractive White Tubers That Are Very Tasty. this Is The Most Blight Resistant First Early To Date.OspreyBred from Kestrel, with a similar smooth skin and shallow pink eyes, better yields of large, bold Tubers make ideal bakers. Firm mild tasting flesh with good slug resistance. PantherNew Dutch variety that produces firm evenly shaped tubers.Peach BloomPeach Bloom Peach Bloom is believed to date back to 1850 and has a very unique skin colour which is red and white in almost equal measure. They are a late maturing maincrop and are best eaten as a small tasty baby potato with just a side portion of butter to dip them in.Pentland CrownHuge Yields Of Oval White Skinned Tubers. The Flesh Is Firm Textured And Mild Flavoured. good Slug And High Drought Tolerance. good All Round Kitchen Use.Pentland DellHigh Yields Of Medium To Large Oval Tubers, That Have A Firm But Fairly Dry Textured Flesh And A Mild Flavour. good Slug Resistance.Pentland HawkPentland Hawk was once a very popular variety due to its large tubers and heavy yields. Makes a good baker as well as having all round culinary use. Good slug resistancePentland Javelin A Good Flavoured Early Scraper That Matures Gracefully For General Purpose Use. firm Textured Flesh Give This Excellent Cooking Qualities. good Drought Resistance.Pentland LustrePentland Lustre were introduced in 1969 and are a very good variety for exhibition use on the showbench. Tubers are oval to long and the white flesh is firm and of a waxy texture. The skin is white with large splashes of pink and shallow eyes. A high yielding variety with resistance to drought, common scab and eelworm.Pentland SquireHigher Yielding Than "dell"and With A Floury Texture. has A Good Flavour And Can Produce Some Very Large Tubers. an Excellent Baker With Good Slug ResistancePerdizBred from Voyager and Picasso, it follows is parents and produces large tubers that are perfect for baking. The skin is a bright yellow colour with a pink eye. The yield is high and the flavour is great.PerformerPerformer is a big oval potato bred from Dutch variety Innovator. It has goods yields of floury tubers that make the perfect chips and baked potatoes. It is becoming increasingly popular in fish and chip shops and won Best New Variety at the UK grower awards 2017.PicassoVery High Yields Of Medium To Large White Skinned Tubers With Pretty Red Eyes. the Flesh Is Firm Textured And Mild Flavoured. stores Very Well. moderate Slug Resistance.Piccolo StarThis variety produces very high yields of baby new potatoes of an even size. Piccolo Star has a waxy flesh and superb flavour, similar to the ever popular Charlotte. Perfect boiled, steamed or eaten cold.Pink Duke Of YorkA sport of the popular Duke of York but an improvement on the original. Tasty variety. Good for boiling, baking, roasting and chipping.Pink Fir AppleGood Yields Of Long Knobbly, Mishapen Finger Potatoes. firm And Waxy Flesh With A Delicious Nutty Flavour. impossible To Peel, But Great For Salads. lovely Eaten Either Hot Or Cold.Pink GypsyPink Gypsy is a very attractive new variety that has ruby red skin and flashes of yellow around the eyes. The white, fluffy textured flesh tastes creamy and makes delicious mash. It is also great for roasting and baking. PippaExciting new salad variety bred from Pink Fir Apple. It has all the tasty qualities of its parent but is much more regular in shape. The pink blush skin hides a light yellow flesh. PixiePixie is a new variety developed in the north of Scotland as a salad variety. This variety has a smooth white skin with shallow pink eyes and these qualities make it an ideal showbench variety. Ideal for late salad use as it has waxy flesh.Plantinato followPremiereAn Increasingly Popular Early That Oozes Quality. good Flavour,with Firm , Dry Yellow Flesh. high Yielding, One Of Only A Few First Earlies With Blight Resistance. PrimabelleAnother new variety from our Dutch supplier. The smooth bright skin, uniform shaped and sized tubers and high yields make Primabelle a promising salad use potato.PrimuraHigh Yields Of Large Tubers , With Smooth Skins & Shallow Eyes.the Flesh Is Firm With A Mild Flavour. general Purpose Table Potato.with No After Cooking Discolouration.Purple Eyed SeedlingThis new variety is a very pretty oval shaped potato with bright patches of purple, rather like Kestrel but with yellow flesh. This is an excellent show variety and has won numerous national awards. All round cooking qualities.Purple MajestyThis new American bred variety from Albert Bartlett is one of the few purple varieties that retains its colour once cooked. The long oval tubers taste like 'normal' potatoes and has good cooking qualities. It roasts, mashes, bakes, boils and produces outstanding chips and crisps.Purple RainThis Dutch variety is a must try! The amazing coloured skin and colourful firm flesh have a good flavour, especially when boiled or steamed.Queen AnneThis smoothed skin first early has yellow flesh and a bright yellow skin. It stores well for an early and is very high yielding. Queen Anne is good for all round use and has a good disease resistance and it doesn’t bruise on harvesting.QuincyA potato with all round kitchen use.RamosThis Dutch bred variety is a typical farmers potato. It has high yields of big tubers. It stores well at lower temperatures. It is great for baking, wedges and chipping. The thin skins make it easier to peel!RatteA very nutty flavoured and quite different potato. Lovely mashed or with salad.Some what akin to Pink fir apple,but less nobble.RecordGood Yields Of Large Oval Shaped Tubers. the Flesh Is Of A Mealy Texture With A Great Flavour. very Versatile With Added Slug Resistance.Red CaraThis is a high yielding variety with good all round disease resistance. Can be used for boiling, roasting and chipping.Red Duke Of YorkA Lovely Strong Flavoured Red With Moist Yellow Flesh. all Round Uses In Kitchen But Best Fried, Roasted Or Mashed.Red EmmalieThis new variety was added to the National Potato List in 2012. It has red skin and red flesh and makes lovely mash, wedges or boiled potatoes. It also has good all round disease resistance. This looks a promising Red for the future, with the added bonus of red flesh.Red King EdwardA Red Skinned Version Of "king Edward" still With The Good Yields, Excellent Flavour And Moderately Firm Flesh. good Slug Resistance.Red RobinRed Robin is a popular but hard to find red skinned, yellow fleshed variety. It has smooth skin and tasty flesh. It is best used for boiling, as it holds its round shape well, or for mashing.Red ScarlettHigh Yields Of Medium To Large Tubers With Firm Mild Flavoured Flesh, Suitable For General Purpose Table Use. no After Cooking Discolouration. very Good Natural Disease Resistance.Red StarHigh yields of large attractive tubers with smooth skins. The flesh is tasty with a floury texture.RemarkaGood yields of large oval tubers that have a good flavour and firm flesh. Good all round disease resistance and cooking characteristicsRembrandtHigh Yields Of Large Tubers , With Firm Mild Flavoured Flesh , Suitable For General Purpose Table Use. No After Cooking Discolouration.RivieraThis Is The One Everybody Is Saying Will Replace concorde a New Early With A Wonderful Creamy Flavour & Great Texture. use As Early Salad Or Leave To Mature For An Early BakerRobintaA main crop ideal for boiling and salad use.RocketHigh Yields Of Firm, Mild Flavoured Tubers Of Uniform Size. matures Very Quickly In About 12 To 14 Weeks. good Cooking Qualities. ideal For Container Growing.RodeoA good yielding, red, smooth skinned variety that produces long mild flavoured tubers that are versatile but particularly suitable for salad use.RomanoHigh yields of round/oval red skinned tubers, with creamy flesh that is of soft dry texture and mild flavour. Good slug resistance Wide range of cooking uses.RonaldoGood yields of large red oval tubers. This firm waxy variety is suitable for all uses in the kitchen.RoosterGood yields of flat-ish oval tubers, with pretty bright red skins. The contrasting buttery yellow flesh is floury yet stays firm on cooking. It is also very tasty. Moderate slug resistance.RosabelleA very pretty french variety,with good salad quality.This a fairly firm slightly waxy potatoRosegardenThis Northern Irish variety is brand new and still undergoing trials but looks to become a popular new addition. Rosegarden has good disease resistance and produces moderately sized yields. It has creamy flesh and has all-round kitchen use but is best mashed.RosevalDark red elongated oval tubers with contrasting yellow flesh that is sometimes tainted pink. The flesh is waxy with a truly superb buttery flavour. Excellent for salad use, hot or cold. A very pretty variety.RosiThis late maturing red main crop has pale yellow flesh, that is slightly mealy. It produces a very high yield of large oval tubers that are resistant to blight and scab. Like the other Dutch red varieties, it has a good all round use in the kitchen. Rosi has the promise of a good, reliable, disease resistant variety.RoyalRoyal is an introduction from the famous chip producer McCain. It produces tall, strong plants, with long oval tubers. Royal is a superb all rounder, particularly good for fantastic chips but also for baking, roasting and mashing.Royal Kidneyto followRubesseThis new variety produces good yields of uniform potatoes. The rich red colour doesn't fade when cooked. It has a good flavour and is suitable for all round kitchen use. Good drought tolerance and resistance to disease and golden eelworm RudolphHigh yielding, deep red skin with white flesh. In taste tests came out on top with an excellent flavour. Good all round potato with Golden eelworm resistance.Russett BurbankAlso known as the "Idaho Potato". Good yields of dry, floury textured tubers that are Full of flavour. Noted for its slug resistance. This ones claim to fame as being used by Mcdonalds for their fries.Ryecroft PurpleRyecroft Purple are a bright shade of purple with bright contrasting white flesh. This is one of the nicest potatoes that we grow and Predates the 1920s. Ryecroft exhibits good blight resistant when grown under field conditions.SafiyahTHIS EXCITING NEW VARIETY HAS VERY HIGH YIELDS, EXCELLENT DROUGHT TOLERANCE AND IS HIGHLY RESISTANT TO BLACKLEG AND SCAB. SAFIYAH HAS BEEN SPECIFICALLY DEVELOPED TO MEET THE CHANGEABLE WEATHER PATTERNS IN EUROPE. LIKE ITS PARENT VARIETY FABULA IT HAS GOOD ALL ROUND USE.SagitaAn all purpose second early variety that makes good chips.Salad BlueSpectacular blue, floury flesh which retains colour if steamed. This unique conservation variety has previously only been available as microplants, now as tubers you can easily grow a taste of the past. Clinically produced minitubers with maximum plant health protection. 100% free of all potato pathogens. SanteHigh yields of well sized potatoes.Good all round disease resistance and fairly slug resistant too. It has a dry texture and firm flesh with a pleasant flavour. Harvest young as "new " potatoes. Sarpo AxonaOne of the original dynamic duo. The Sarpo (Mira and Axona) varieties have been raised as the ultimate in blight fighters. In wet seasons some symptoms will be apparent on the leaf, but it doesn't transfer to the tuber. The series is being further extended....watch out for the 'Sarpo' branding.Sarpo GwynGwyn is a new addition to the Sarpo range. It has good disease resistance and cooks very well, especially when boiled, mashed or baked.Sarpo KifliThis variety is from the Sarpo breeding program and is a great addition to their range. It produces delicious creamy fleshed waxy long salad potatoes that have that 'new potato' flavour. They perfect for boiling and eating hot or cold. As you'd expext from a Sarpo variety it has great disease and blight resistance. Sarpo Kifli also has fantastic storing ability and, in the right conditions, can be kept until the following spring - unheard of in a late salad potato. As well as all of this it is perfect for growing in tubs too. This potato promise great things and, better still, it delivers.Sarpo MiraHeralded as the ultimate 'blight resister'. Certainly an exciting development. A Floury, fairly versatile cooking variety.Does seem to produce prolifically, with some very large potatoes. Has a very leafy habit.Sarpo ShonaAnother new addition to the Sarpo family. Shona is a perfect Main Crop for tubs and matures early in the season. It produces large yields of disease resistant tubers that cook well, with all round use.Sarpo UnaUna is a new second early from the Sarpo breeding programme. Unlike all other Sarpo prefixed varieties Una is the only second early in the family. It has a delicately flavour and waxy firm white flesh. Una produces large yields and stores well. Either use this variety for early salad or leave to bulk up to make great baking potatoes. Sarpo Una does well in containers too.SaxonShallow eyed variety with good skin. A quite pretty variety that has found favour with the supermarkets. It is great for baking and has a wonderful cooked texture. It also boils well and does not tend to disintegrate in the water.SetantaA very high dry matter potato with extremely high resistance to foliage blight, tuber blight, gangrene and dry rot. It keeps very well in storage and its eating quality is excellent. All round culinary usewith a floury taste.ShannonVery heavy cropping, attractive bright red tubers, with firm creamy white flesh. Good all round cooking qualities. Good natural disease resistance.Sharpes ExpressA Very Fine Flavoured, General Purpose Potato With Floury Flesh. good Drought Tolerance. care Needed When Boiling. this One Really Is A True Classic.ShepodyShepody is from McCain's own range of seed potatoes and, as you might guess, makes amazing chips. The pale yellow flesh is very tasty and, as well as chips, it makes great roasties. Yields are high and the potatoes are large and uniformed in shape.Sherine NVSSherine seed potatoes are now available thanks to minituber technology. This classic white skinned variety is a great all-round potato for both exhibition showing and cooking uses. Shallow eyes and a bright white skin make Sherine stand out from other white skinned potatoes. Sherine is an early that can be roasted, mashed, baked and chippedShetland BlackHIGH YIELDS OF SMALL TO MEDIUM OVAL TUBERS. THE SKINS ARE VERY, VERY DARK BLUE, ALMOST BLACK. THE FLOURY FLESH IS PALE YELLOW WITH A DISTINC TPURPLE RING. STEAM OR MICROWAVE TO HELP RETAIN THE UNUSUAL COLOUR.SifraHigh yielding white variety with very uniform tubers. Excellent culinary uses and a good storer.SmartA new Dutch introduction.SmileAttractive dual-coloured potato, bred from Red Duke of York, with a white splash around each eye. Produces very short haulms so a good variety for growing in containers. A fairly floury variety.SofiaSofia is a new second early variety that has a waxy flesh and lovely flavour. This new potato is perfect with fish, eaten hot or cold.SpuntaThe original "Cyprus new potato" High yields of large tubers that are long and Waxy with a mild flavour. A good all rounder with some slug resistance.StemsterVery High Yields Of Pale Red Tubers That Have A Pleasant Flavour And Firm Flesh. good Drought Tolerance And Moderate Slug Resistance. good All Round Cooking Qualities.StromaA high yielding attractive red skinned variety, producing medium to large sized tubers that Have Mild flavoured, firm flesh. Good cooking qualities and some slug resistance. Stores well. SumatraSumatra produces a good yield of uniform shaped and sized bright skinned potatoes, suitable for all round use. The flesh is on the waxy side making it great for boiling. It has good disease resistance.SunbeamSunbeam is a new Nothern Irish introduction with bright clean skin and pale flesh. The potatoes are uniform in size and produce a high yield. They are brilliant for boiling, steaming, chipping and baking.SunredSunred is an early harvesting Second Early that produces a good yield of uniform sized tubers. All purpose variety.SunriseThis variety produces tubers that are coloured yellow and pink. The flesh is light yellow and the tubers are an even round size. It is good for all round kitchen use with a superb flavour. SunsetAs the name suggests this variety has attractive red skin and a bright yellow flesh. Bred in Northern Ireland it is an all-purpose potato with firm flesh and a good flavour.SwiftAnother Very Fast Maturing First Early, About 12 To 14 Weeks.high Yields Of Good Flavoured, Uniform, Firm Fleshed Tubers. a Good One For Container Growing.SymfoniaHigh Yields Of Large Oval Tubers With Attractive Red Skins And Shallow Eyes. The Flesh Is Of Firm Texture And Good Flavour. good Disease Resistance. A good choice for bakers.TaurusTaurus is a regular sized variety that has good all round cooking qualities.Terra RosaTerra Rosa is striking in colour and delicious in taste. The fantastic red skin and flesh remain when it is chipped but does fade when cooked in other ways. It has great all-purpose cooking qualities and is best used when freshly lifted. The skin can damage easily so care is needed when handling, therefore it doesn’t store that well. Although there are a few negatives to this variety, the colour and flavour more than outweigh them.The BishopThe Bishop is a relatively low yielding main crop. However it is considered to be the best white long kidney for showing. The tubers are firm and waxy and store well. Use for boiling, roasting and chipping.TigerThis new Russet skinned variety is the latest introduction from Holland. Tiger is bred from Innovator and, like it's parent, produces big potatoes. It has a slightly mealy texture, great for chipping and frying. It has a good all round disease resistance.TolucaThis new variety is resistant to blight. General purpose but a very good baker.TrixieCharlotte/Mayan Gold cross. A show bench variety with blue eyes, cream white flesh and uniform sized tubers. Great for mashing, roasting and chipping. Superb flavour.TuskarTuskar are another of our heritage varieties grown from mini-tubers. An oval shaped potato with white flesh that is suited to boiling, mashing and baking. Tuskar shows good resistance to gangrene, dry rot and blight on both the foliage and the tubers.TwinnerTwinner is a relatively new variety that has fantastic blight resistance for both foliage and tubers. Its flesh is firm and of good flavour. The large tubers it produces are great for all sorts of culinary uses.UkameGood Yields Of Large Smooth Skinned Tubers With Shallow Eyes, Nice Favoured, Mealy Flesh,that Stays Firm On Cooking. multi Purpose Use In Kitchen. Ulster ChieftainAn Early With Slug Resistance ! the Firm Fleshed Tubers Have Yellow Skins With A Pretty Pale Purple/blue Eye, Which Appears On Exposure To Light. this Variety Suitable For Growing Under Cover.Ulster ClassicUlster Classic are one of the best potatoes I have ever eaten and believe me I have eaten a lot of potatoes over the years. An oval potato bred in 1967 its bold white and red skin colour make it stand out from the crowd and is suited to exhibition use for the showbench as it has shallow eyes and a fine skin finish. Tasty creamy flesh with all-round kitchen use make this one of the best potatoes we have ever grown. Resistance to potato virus A & X and good resistance to blight and common scab.Ulster PrinceAn early early and at it's best when eaten early. Good yields of smooth skinned, shallow eyed tubers. The flesh is very tasty and stays firm on cooking. Very good drought tolerance.Ulster SceptreGood Yields Of Long Oval Tubers With A Firm Waxy Flesh. a Good One For Dry Conditions As It Has High Drought Tolerance. better Disease Resistance Than Ulster Chieftain..Ulster SoveriegnUlster Sovereign were first listed in 1962 by N.Ireland Breeder J.Clarke who later went on to produce Dunluce. The flesh is somewhere between waxy and floury and can be a very useful kitchen variety.Vales EmeraldAn exciting new Maris Peer X Charlotte cross. Huge yields of round cream skinned, waxy fleshed tubers, that have a great flavour. Ideal as an early baby salad potato.Lovely.Vales SovereignGood yields of attractive white skinned tubers, with shallow red eyes. Good sized tubers with creamy flesh. Good disease and slug resistance. Ideal for both table and exhibition use.ValorHigh Yielding And Mild Flavoured, Waxy Tubers. good All Round Disease And Slug Resistance. Also does very well in poorer soils.VanessaGood Yields Of Smooth Pink Skinned Tubers . With Firm Flesh, Like An Early Desiree , But Tubers Are More Even And Often Suitable For Showing.VerdiVerdi has a high dry matter that makes it great for chipping. The good yields produced have fantastic storing qualities. The flavour of this disease resistant variety is very good. Worth a try if you are looking for something tasty and easy to grow.VerityGood Yields Of "cara" Type Tubers. the White Skinned Tubers Have Pretty Red Eyes And A Good Flavoured floury flesh. Particularly suited to roasting.VictoriaHigh yields of large, attractive shallow eyed tubers with an excellent flavour. A versatile table potato with outstanding natural pest & disease resistance. One To Watch. This one is going to be big! Violet Queen This mid-season purple skin, purple flesh specialty variety produces long oval tubers with remarkably normal flavour despite its colour. It is brilliant to grow as a novelty variety. The tubers are firm fleshed, small and slow to emerge, but have good storability. Violet Queen is resistant to tuber blight and common scab.ViolettaAn early maincrop variety with blue skin and blue flesh, bred from highland burgundy red. It is best as a salad variety, boiled or steamed, but can also be mashed or roasted. It has a high resistance to dry rot.VitabellaA flavourful waxy first early that is being billed as the next big thing. Vitabella has smooth skin and firm flesh and is a great all round potato, brilliant for chips. It does best on a light soil and stores very well.VitelotteA very ancient variety, with amazing coloured flesh. It is a fairly light cropper, but has a terrific nutty flavour and can be boiled,roasted or chipped. It is highly prized on the continentVivaldiHigh Yields Of Large , Smooth Skinned,attractive Tubers. the Flesh Is Firm With A Mild Flavour. a Multi-purpose Table Potato. VolumiaVery early Dutch varietyVoyagerHigh yields of large long oval tubers with yellow skins and light yellow, slightly floury flesh, with a mild flavour. Whilst regarded as a multi purpose variety, it's a great chipper.White LadyA modern disease resistant variety. Good yields of floury textured, full flavoured tubers. General purpose cooking qualities.WiljaHigh yields of large tubers with dry.firm flesh. The good flavour and excellent boiling qualities Make this the british gardeners favourite 2nd early variety. With Marfona it tops my list as a baker too.WinstonGood Yields Of Large Smooth Skinned Tubers, With Shallow Eyes. one Of The Earliest Bakers To Mature And A Good Flavour. its Appearance And Size Help It To Dominate The White Showbench Class. High Drought Tolerance.WitchillThis variety dates from the late 1800's and are known for their vigorous growth and high yields. A very early variety, excellent for salad use.Yetholm GypsyThis is the only known variety to show three colours - red, white and blue. It is called Purple King Edward by some growers as it's DNA is most similar to King Edward. It produces high yields of floury potatoes. All round kitchen use.Yukon GoldThe attractive looking, large yellow skinned tubers have a delicious rich buttery flavour. The flesh has A slightly mealy texture that remains firm on cooking. Superb baked or fried.Zorbato follow
Abbott potato details
Accent potato details
Accord potato details
Acoustic potato details
Adora potato details
Alouette potato details
Altesse potato details
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Ama Rosa potato details
Amandine potato details
Ambo potato details
Ambra potato details
Aminca potato details
Amorosa potato details
Amour NVS potato details
Andean Sunside potato details
Annabelle potato details
Anoe (Claire) potato details
Antoinet potato details
Anya potato details
Apache potato details
Aphrodite potato details
Argos potato details
Arran Comrade potato details
Arran Pilot potato details
Arran Victory potato details
Arrow potato details
Arsenal potato details
Asterix potato details
Athlete potato details
Aura potato details
Aurum potato details
Balmoral potato details
Bambino potato details
Baraka potato details
Beauty Of Bute potato details
Belle De Fontenay potato details
Belmonda potato details
Berber potato details
BF15 potato details
Bikini potato details
Bildstar potato details
Bintje potato details
Blue Annelise potato details
Blue Belle potato details
Blue Congo potato details
Blue Danube potato details
Blue Kestrel potato details
Blue Kestrel potato details
Blue Star potato details
Bonnie potato details
Bonnie Dundee potato details
British Queen potato details
Cabaret potato details
Caesar potato details
Camelot potato details
Canberra potato details
Cara potato details
Cardinal potato details
Carlingford potato details
Carlita potato details
Carminelle potato details
Carolus potato details
Carrera potato details
Casablanca potato details
Catriona potato details
Cecile potato details
Celandine potato details
Celebration potato details
Celine potato details
Cerisa potato details
Challenger potato details
Charlotte potato details
Cherie potato details
Cheyenne potato details
Chicago potato details
Chopin potato details
Cicero potato details
Cleopatra potato details
Colleen potato details
Colomba potato details
Compass potato details
Constance potato details
Coquine potato details
Corolle potato details
Cosmos potato details
Courage potato details
Cultra potato details
Cyrano potato details
Daifla potato details
Dali potato details
Damask potato details
Dark Red Norland potato details
Derby potato details
Desiree potato details
Dido potato details
Divaa potato details
Dobbies Asset potato details
Doon Pearl potato details
Double Fun potato details
Druid potato details
Duke Of York potato details
Dunbar Rover potato details
Dunbar Standard potato details
Dunluce potato details
Edgeworth Purple potato details
Edzell Blue potato details
Elfe potato details
Elisabeth potato details
Epicure potato details
Erna potato details
Essenza potato details
Estima potato details
Evora potato details
Fabula potato details
Farida potato details
Flamenco potato details
Flourball potato details
Fontane potato details
Foremost potato details
Fortus potato details
Forza potato details
Foxton potato details
Freya potato details
Frisia potato details
Gatsby potato details
Gemson potato details
Gladstone potato details
Gloria potato details
Golden Nugget potato details
Golden Wonder potato details
Gourmandine potato details
Harlequin potato details
Harmony potato details
Harry potato details
Heather potato details
Heiderot potato details
Heros potato details
Highland Burgundy Red potato details
Homeguard potato details
Horizon potato details
Hunter potato details
Imagine potato details
Inca Belle potato details
Infinity potato details
Innovator potato details
International Kidney potato details
Isle Of Jura potato details
Ivory Russet potato details
Jaerla potato details
Jazzy potato details
Jelly potato details
Jester potato details
Joly potato details
Juliette potato details
Karleena potato details
Kennebec potato details
Kerrs Pink potato details
Kestrel potato details
Kifli potato details
King Edward potato details
Kingsman potato details
Kondor potato details
La Vie potato details
Lady Balfour potato details
Lady Crystl potato details
Latona potato details
Leonardo potato details
Leontine potato details
Libertie potato details
Lilly potato details
Lily Rose potato details
Linda potato details
Linzer Delikatess potato details
Lipstick potato details
Liseta potato details
Lord Roseberry potato details
Lucera potato details
Luciole potato details
Magenta Love potato details
Majestic potato details
Malin potato details
Manitou potato details
Marfona potato details
Marilyn potato details
Maris Bard potato details
Maris Peer potato details
Maris Piper potato details
Markies potato details
Marys Rose potato details
Maxine potato details
Mayan Gold potato details
Mayan Queen potato details
Mayan Rose potato details
Mayan Scapa potato details
Mayan Twilight potato details
Meera potato details
Melody potato details
Memphis potato details
Merlin potato details
Milva potato details
Mimi potato details
Miranda potato details
Mona Lisa potato details
Mondial potato details
Morene potato details
Moulin Rouge potato details
Mozart potato details
Mulberry Beauty potato details
Nadine potato details
Navan potato details
Navigator potato details
Nicola potato details
Noisette potato details
Opera potato details
Orchestra potato details
Oriana potato details
Orla potato details
Osprey potato details
Panther potato details
Peach Bloom potato details
Pentland Crown potato details
Pentland Dell potato details
Pentland Hawk potato details
Pentland Javelin potato details
Pentland Lustre potato details
Pentland Squire potato details
Perdiz potato details
Performer potato details
Picasso potato details
Piccolo Star potato details
Pink Duke Of York potato details
Pink Fir Apple potato details
Pink Gypsy potato details
Pippa potato details
Pixie potato details
Plantina potato details
Premiere potato details
Primabelle potato details
Primura potato details
Purple Eyed Seedling potato details
Purple Majesty potato details
Purple Rain potato details
Queen Anne potato details
Quincy potato details
Ramos potato details
Ratte potato details
Record potato details
Red Cara potato details
Red Duke Of York potato details
Red Emmalie potato details
Red King Edward potato details
Red Robin potato details
Red Scarlett potato details
Red Star potato details
Remarka potato details
Rembrandt potato details
Riviera potato details
Robinta potato details
Rocket potato details
Rodeo potato details
Romano potato details
Ronaldo potato details
Rooster potato details
Rosabelle potato details
Rosegarden potato details
Roseval potato details
Rosi potato details
Royal potato details
Royal Kidney potato details
Rubesse potato details
Rudolph potato details
Russett Burbank potato details
Ryecroft Purple potato details
Safiyah potato details
Sagita potato details
Salad Blue potato details
Sante potato details
Sarpo Axona potato details
Sarpo Gwyn potato details
Sarpo Kifli potato details
Sarpo Mira potato details
Sarpo Shona potato details
Sarpo Una potato details
Saxon potato details
Setanta potato details
Shannon potato details
Sharpes Express potato details
Shepody potato details
Sherine NVS potato details
Shetland Black potato details
Sifra potato details
Smart potato details
Smile potato details
Sofia potato details
Spunta potato details
Stemster potato details
Stroma potato details
Sumatra potato details
Sunbeam potato details
Sunred potato details
Sunrise potato details
Sunset potato details
Swift potato details
Symfonia potato details
Taurus potato details
Terra Rosa potato details
The Bishop potato details
Tiger potato details
Toluca potato details
Trixie potato details
Tuskar potato details
Twinner potato details
Ukame potato details
Ulster Chieftain potato details
Ulster Classic potato details
Ulster Prince potato details
Ulster Sceptre potato details
Ulster Soveriegn potato details
Vales Emerald potato details
Vales Sovereign potato details
Valor potato details
Vanessa potato details
Verdi potato details
Verity potato details
Victoria potato details
Violet Queen potato details
Violetta potato details
Vitabella potato details
Vitelotte potato details
Vivaldi potato details
Volumia potato details
Voyager potato details
White Lady potato details
Wilja potato details
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Zorba potato details
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